Last weekend I went on a roadtrip to Boden to visit my lovely friend Iza. We had met before in the summer and just after my arrival to Sweden and had planned since then that I would come for a visit to Boden! We only planned that I would come for a visit, but not when and so we decided quite spontaneously that we would just do it last weekend. Sometimes it’s awesome to make decisions like that spontaneously!

On Friday evening I prpared everything that I would need. Warm clothes for the weekend, my camera equipment, charging cables etc. and on Saturday I put everything in my car and started to drive.

I decided to take the Inlandsvägen instead of the E4, because it consists of slightly smaller roads and I hoped to see more landscapes and small villages on my way and maybe some reindeer. Which totally worked!

It was a beautiful way, however the road was very hard to drive! The warm weather of the last days had thawed big parts of the ice and snow on the road, so it was either very bumpy or slippery to drive! Of course I drove very carefully, but that meant arriving much later than planned and of course using every bit of concentration I had. I was dead tired by the time I arrived in Boden!

My way also lead me through Älvsbyn, which I have so many fond memories of and my visit there last year was also a great motivation for me to move to Sweden.

So when I arrived at Iza’s home, we talked a bit and had dinner at Suzie Q’s Burger in Boden. It was crazy delicious and I just loved the atmosphere and that whole Rock’n’Roll theme they had. Afterwards Iza showed me around a bit in Boden and I was both surprised and proud, that I recognized so much of what I had seen on my brief visit last year. I could tell her quite precisely which route we had walked last year, which was both interesting and fun.

We also tried to take some pictures of the city, but it was super windy, so all of my pictures turned out very shaky and blurry.

The next day we got up with the rising sun to drive to Storforsen together!

What could be more Swedish than a snowy road with a sign warning for moose and the forest all around?

We walked around a bit and took tons of pictures of the beautiful surroundings!

I also tried to take long exposure shots of the flowing water, but that didn’t work so well, because despite the darkest possible settings and a filter most of the pictures turned out much too bright…

So after a while I also took some pictures from above!

The light outside was just breathtaking! I know it’s too early for spring, but everything was glowing green in the warming light of the sun. It’s incredible how strong it already is!

I just love the north

After we were done at Storforsen, we went back on the road to Jokkmokk in hopes of seeing some reindeer. Which we sadly didn’t.. But we still had a blast talking, watching the beautiful nature and getting out in the forest sometimes. Which was not easy due to the super deep snow beside the road!

It was impossible to walk far in snow this deep, but yet so much fun!

We also crossed the polar circle on our way and then decided to stop in Jokkmokk for lunch!

After lunch we got back on the road and watched the almost full moon rise above the street.

As it got darker we stopped again to take some pictures with the moon and the pretty landscapes.

Then we went back to Boden, took some pictures up on the hill again and had some fun getting stuck in the deep snow again, before finally heading home and spending the evening watching some episodes of „Doctor Who“. A show that we both love watching!

The next day I got up early to get on the road back home again. This time I took the E4, as I wanted to have an easier drive, despite the more interesting landscapes I could see on the other way.

After arriving home I was just dead tired again and only started to edit the photos. I was busy the whole week, but at least I finally got my svensk personnummer!! At last! I will make another blogpost about it soon, explaining why it was so important for me to get it and why it took so long! I know generally, that I have been very inactive lately, but my life just turned out much more busy than I ever would have expected lately. Now I will go to Grössjön and enjoy the sunny and warm weather we have today!

2 Gedanken zu “Roadtrip to Boden

  1. It was great to have you here, and superfun! Love the pictures, and yeah, the snow was really deep xD Now it’s more icy roads and much melts away, so we totally picked the right wekeend 😀

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    1. I don’t usually make such bold decisions so spontaneously, but when I do the best things happen 😄 I am so glad we chose that weekend and had such a good time! 😊 You are an amazing host! ❤️

      Gefällt 1 Person

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