After some cloudy weeks the sun is back again. Now the days are noticeably longer (the sun sets after 16:00h and rises shortly after 8:00h) and the sun rises higher up in the sky with each day.

On one hand that makes me kind of sad, because it means that the super short winter days and the long dark mystical nights are over, but on the other hand the sunlight gives me back so much energy!!

When the sun is shining, it quickly becomes quite warm outside, so the snow was falling from the trees and swirling through the air, which was beautiful.

The last weeks I have been very busy, so I was excited to be out in the forest again on such a nice day. And of course I took so many pictures! Because it was so warm and I was in movement it was also the first time in a while I could go out without my super thick jacket and honestly I didn’t feel cold!

On my way back, I went off the way for a while, to see some more of the forest and I totally underestimate the depth of the snow and got so far in that it reached up to my thighs!!

But I was rewarded with silence, solitude and a super nice view over the hills.

I know it will take quite a while until the spring will actually come and all the snow will melt away, but for me it feels like spring is just around the corner now and I really enjoy that feeling! 🙂

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