During my days in Sweden I visited the Swedish countryside around Näsåker. It was a long drive on mainly well kept roads, but partly also on gravel roads.


I find them rather hard to drive on, because you can’t see damage in the road as well as on asphalt roads and I always feel like they are too narrow. Luckily nothing happened and I always drove very cautiously and safely.


I came across many beautiful landscapes, and saw many swamps among the sheer endless forests.


If I had had any rain boots I would have carefully tried to walk further into it, but with only sneakers on I was afraid to get wet feet and get stuck, so I only had a distant look at it. (Note to self: when in Sweden again, bring rainboots).

I also visited beautiful Nämforsen. It was already crowded, because of the Urkult festival that is going to take place starting tomorrow, so I didn’t walk far into it to not disturb all the people in their tents. But I had a look at the beautiful area and found it really beautiful.


After that I drove back in the direction of Övik again. On the way I noticed a beautiful little lake, surrounded by swamps and forest and I even found some berries there.



On my way back to Övik, I then met Jonna Jinton and her fiance Johan. She is a swedish influencer, who is such a big inspiration and has an amazing story to tell. We had a little chat on a parking space by the road and then continued our ways. It was amazing to meet them both personally.
Back in Övik I met Iza, who was on her way and also crossed paths with me. She was with her husband and dog and it was a big pleasure for me to meet them, too! She is also a Blogger and photographer and has amazing skills and an absolutely perfect eye to spot wether or not someone used flashlight when creating a photo. Also I really enjoy chatting with her about all sorts of different topics and think that she is an amazing person and I am glad I got the chance to get to know her! We had a little meal together and then parted ways again.

It was such a nice day for me to meet those amazing people and I really hope to meet all of them again one day!

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