Recently I went hiking in the High Venn in Belgium. It is a highmoor in the Eifel and a super inetresting place.


We went hiking on what was the rainiest day I experienced since my time in Sweden and in this area probably the rainiest day since May… Oh how I loved it! Even though it was cold and uncomfortable outside, I could still sense how mild the breeze still was for it being already november and how nice the raindrops felt when touching my hair.


Raindrops and water were visible everywhere, just like the colors of autumn were omnipresent.


So we were walking through the rain, talking and chatting. I was taking pictures (like I always do) and my friend was navigating using gps and mobile phone apps.


We came across many small streams and fields and oh so many almost naked trees, only covered in their last remaining colorful leaves and the sparkling drops of rain. Sparkling like hundreds of tiny little diamonds.


I dressed up super warm for our hike and despire the cold and wet weather, I stayed super warm and mainly dry throughout the entire trip. That was awesome! In the end it is right what you say… There is no wrong weather, only wrong clothing. And I for once got it absolutely right! 😀


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