Only a few weeks are left before I move to Sweden. 2,5 weeks to be precise!

I finished sorting out things that I want to take with me today and now I only have the things from my bedroom left to pack into boxes. If you’re curious what that looked like, check out the following video: 

And of course packing things isn’t the only part about moving to a whole other country… I made an appointment for shortly before christmas, to have the authorities know officially that I am moving to another country, and have all the needed documents… I still need to buy a car and get a job… There are things to be taken care of with insurances and my bank account and the list goes on and on and on… It’s hard for me to stay focused at the moment, because I have so many different things on my mind. It’s one of the reasons I have been rather quiet lately, despite having so much to tell…

It’s hard to imagine, that in 20 days I will already be living in Sweden, on the countryside, buying a car, getting a Swedish bank account and mobile phone number and exploring the area. Hopefully I will be accepted to start an SFI course in January, as learning the national language is the most important step to integrating well into society!

I recently found out, that there are quite a few nature reserves around the area, the closest one just 10 minutes by car from my home and I am already so excited to explore them and go hiking in all seasons! What a priviledge it will be to have nature and wilderness so close to my home!

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