So then came a day of rain. Finally.

After weeks of drought and heat, finally some rain came. And with all the forest fires going on in Sweden it was very much needed. I was so happy when I looked outside the window in the morning and noticed all the clouds, that were hanging so low.


It looked like the sky was reaching out to the ground. Gently stroking the trees as if to say „sorry I let you down, here you go, have some water“. And with more and more rain pouring down from the sky all day, you could see the forests coming more and more back to life again.


The water from the forest started turning into fog and moving back to the sky. Again it looked like nature was communicating and the trees wanted to say „thank you“ to the clouds, by giving back all the excess water.


It was a dark day and yet mysterious and magical in a way. I was really happy about the rain and the life that it brought back. I hope that despite all weather forecasts saying the opposite, this drought and heatwave will end soon and that the next few weeks will bring cooler weather along.


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