In my latest post I wrote about arriving in our holiday home in a tiny village called Groede in the very south of the Netherlands.


I had planned to write more about that way earlier, but I was much too sick to do so! I was sick on the weekend itself and did not much more than walk up and down the beach very slowly and take pictures and then go home to rest and drink tea. Lots of tea.


I was lucky to have my friend Maria with me, who made tea all the time and was fine with spending a lot of time just relaxing and not going on any fancy places other than the beach. I could feel how much the fresh and moist air of the sea helped my body cope and fight the sickness.


Being at the beach was so beautiful and we saw both sunrise and sunset on saturday, but of course went back home to drink tea in between.


However despite having gotten a lot of calm and rest over the weekend, I still didn’t feel much better by monday, so I went to the doctor to see what’s wrong and if I can do anything to speed up my recovery. There I found out I had sinusitis and I was prescribed antibiotics and put on sick leave for half the week.


I was really annoyed, because I missed being at work and I was also sad that I was sick during the weekend and couldn’t do as much as I would have liked to. But then again health should always come first, and there is no way around getting some rest during a nasty cold.


Luckily, I am feeling so much better now as I am back at home writing this and have been working for a few days again! Everyday I feel more like my usual self again and I am hoping to be 100% cold- and stuffy-nose-free again for my upcoming adventures and challenges!


So here are some more pictures from my weekend:

If you like them and would like to see more, feel free to check out my Flickr page, where I upload way more pictures than I could ever fit into the matching blogposts! 🙂



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