The mornings are increasingly beautiful now, as it freezes more and more often. We sadly hardly ever have fog in Östergraninge, but all around the village are places where it is often foggy on cold mornings.

One morning I was really longing to take some photos, so I went out and first checked with my drone where there would be fog, to then take my car to get there ASAP (as soon as possible) and take some photos to share them here.

First I drove in the direction of Sundsvall to Mångfallsparken. It was so beautiful there, it feels like I hardly managed to capture the beauty in my pictures. There was frost and sunlight and disappearing fog.

I went a bit further into the park and stumbled across a beautiful view on a narrow lake. I couldn’t get an entirely free view on it sadly, as there was a tree in the way, but the surroundings gave a beautiful frame for the view on the lake.

Soon I noticed that there was hardly any fog left, it was disappearing so quickly under the warmth of the rising sun. So at the next turn, I took some last photos of frosty leaves and then turned to drive somewhere else.

Next, I went to Graningebyn. First I had my doubts if there would be any fog left there, because it kept getting later and there was not the tiniest trace of fog left on the way there, but shortly before I arrived I could see the fog like a wall on the sky in front of me. In Graningebyn there was no frost, there was a lot of humidity in the air and the temperature was a little above 0°C.

Because of all the water in the air, all of the spiderwebs were full with tiny drops and almost seemed to glow white against the darker surroundings.

I followed the path for a little bit through some narrow standing trees, until the forest got lighter and even more beautiful! It was an absolutely magical atmosphere that I can hardly put into words!

I walked a little further and came across more magic!

At one point I even took out my drone and took some photos from above.

It was magical and I really feel like I need to make it a habit to get up early on a regular basis to be able to see things like this! Autumn in northern Sweden is horribly wet and cold, but at some days the beauty it offers is just breathtaking!

5 Gedanken zu “Misty mornings

    1. Oh wie schade! Ich hatte total oft neblige Morgen wenn ich arbeiten musste und deswegen nicht fotografieren konnte 😞 Vielleicht hast du ja nochmal Glück und es kommt noch der eine oder andere Morgennebel 😊


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