I have really come to enjoy going out with Tom to fish.

Contrary to Germany it is not required to have a general fishing liscence, you only need to buy fishing cards for the lake or area where you are fishing. That makes it very easy to just stop at a place, buy a fishing card over the phone (either in the browser or via an app called iFiske) and get going.

While I of course enjoy the fishing, I also use the time outdoors to take photos and get to know new places or just generally just breathe the fresh air, listen to the sounds of the forest and the water and enjoying to be outside.

During our adventures outside, Tom and I have found the most beautiful lakes and forests. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I really live here now.

One of those moments was when I casually needed to stop on my way home from work one day, because there was a flock of reindeer on the road. Sadly it was raining very strongly in that moment and I didn’t feel comfortable stopping on the road to take pictures of them, but to me it was such a special moment and a reminder of that I really live in Norrland now.

What I loved especially during June and July was the massive amount of wild flowers blooming on every field. Occasionally I would go out and pick a little bouquet for my kitchen table.

While I was taking those pictures, I got totally attacked by ants, who were climbing my feet and biting me and mosquitoes that were trying to sit down on me and suck my blood! They also have a very annoying habit of trying to sit on my head and getting stuck in my hair in the process. And even though it is annoying as hell, I can’t help but also laugh at myself how I was there jumping around and wildly waving my arms around me 😀

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