Spending summer nights outside has its price in northern Sweden and it is to be payed in blood.

This sounds more grim than it is, but I am not kidding. There are mosquitoes everywhere and I feel like it is almost impossible to effectively keep them away and not get bitten. During this summer I have probably had more mosquito bites than in my whole life up to this point. Of course I tried to use anti mosquito stuff, but not even beck olja is 100% effective. At least not on me. Long losse clothes that cover the skin and are so distant from it that mosquitoes can’t reach the skin through it are the most effective but it’s not always nice to dress like that in the summer… I tried it, but after only a few minutes I got so annoyed that I took any additional clothes off again and just accepted my faith as being bitten as I have mentioned before.

Still I managed to get out a little bit and take some drone shots from my neighborhood in the village.

On one evening I drove to Abborrsjön again. A little remote lake I think is very beautiful.

As I looked out on the water, a bit of fog was starting to form on the water and moved around. The colors and the atmosphere were amazing. Only the mosquitoes were a bit distracting.

On my way home, I started to notice fog moving over the road as well and I decided to stop and fly with my drone to check out where the fog was coming from. Then I discovered some swamps not far from the road that had fog around them.

That was a beautiful night and I am thankful for Michelle, who encouraged me that night to face my fears and go out even if I am afraid there might be (hungry) bears.

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