Sometimes during the summer I went on little trips.

One more time I went to Västanåfallet and I must say that it is even more beautiful in the light of the sun, surrounded by all the green the forest has to offer. I could even fly a little with my drone.

Another time Tom and I visited Skuleskogen. It was a beautiful day and luckily not as hot as last year when I was there, so it wasn’t equally challenging to go up the mountain.

One time late at night I faced my fears of meeting a bear and went out into the forest anyways. I took my car a bit up the hill and honked before I got out, to make sure all animals in the surrounding area would hear me coming. In the forest then I tried to speak to myself to continue to be loud and heard. My neighbors had a good laugh when I told them that I was walking around the woods at 2:30h in the morning, talking to myself to not meet any bears 😀

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