I know June is long over, but since the long post about the bright nights, I had no longer time to update this blog, so I am summarizing what I did afterwards. At the time being I had a lot of difficulties going to bed at normal times. That was not because of the brightness at night, but because of the fast changes. It felt like it was only a few weeks ago that the sun would only shine for a few hours and suddenly the nights stayed bright. The sun goes a very shallow course here in the north and even though we don’t have the midnight sun up where I live we did have very bright nights and fast changes from one day to the next. After I got used to that and basically as soon as the nights started to get darker again, I started to sleep more regularly again.

This is how „dark“ it would be at around 23:30h.

After that post, which was around midsummer, the weather turned from sunny and windy to cloudy and windy, the temperatures dropped and then it started to rain.

I am really glad about the rain, as the drought last year really scared me, but it also meant that it was too cold to enjoy swimming or generally be outside much, as I have already hinted at in my previous blogpost. The ground and the lakes didn’t have much opportunities to really heat up, so it feels like some of the cold of the last winter has stayed with us during this whole summer. So most of the end of June I spent indoors.

Tom and I went fishing once on a boat on the lake up in the forest behind my house (Grössjön) and we caught 2 perches (Abborre/Barsch) which we could take home. The boat we can borrow from some of our super kind neighbors. We had a lot of luck with the weather, because exactly when we were at the shore it started to pour, so we didn’t get wet. We could wait in the altan of a little stuga and after a few minutes, when the rain stopped, go down home again.

Those pictures I took shortly before it started to rain. It was sunny and didn’t look like rain at all.

But then the weather changed in an instant.

Everything was wet on the way home.

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