The last days of November were like the days before that – mostly gray. However the very last day of November was beautifully sunny and frosty again. It was a lovely bright saturday with polar stratospheric clouds at the sky that could be seen almost all day long but especially during dusk and dawn! But I will get to that day later.

First I wanna start off by another day I was out to take more photos of the beautiful cracks in the ice. However there was a hunting dog barking close by the lake where I was taking pictures and even though I had met a hunter on my way there who assured me that there was no ongoing hunt in this area (which totally sounded like there was an ongoing hunt closeby anyways), I felt uncomfortable staying there longer and did not really feel calm to take photos there.

The weekend after that, the last weekend of November, we had beautiful clear skies and I could finally go out and watch the stars a bit again. Within about an hour, I got an amazing view on the milky way, saw a huge shooting star right in front of me and saw some really faint northern lights. I couldn’t have been happier in that moment, sitting in the snow in my backyard and admiring having all this beauty right in front of me.

And then finally the day came that I mentioned in the beginning. The last day of November, that finally brought light and life back again.

In the morning I was on a little christmas market in the elderly home of the village and while driving there I listened to „Just like heaven“ by The Cure and found it a perfect match for the snowy landscape lighting up in the sun.

It felt like I was in a winter wonderland! I then walked down to the lake to see the sunset from there and it was just amazing light there!

Back at my house I started my drone to have a better view on the clouds and the freshly frozen lake!

Pixie followed me outside, though she really doesn’t like the snow and mainly just jumps through it to get it over with.

Then I could watch the moon rising up above the horizon.

I was inside as it got darker and enjoyed the little light I had bought on the christmas market earlier.

It was the perfect day to end such a dark month and I felt more than ready to start the advents time in december!

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