I know I haven’t posted anything again in a while, so I thought I would write a little update again before writing more posts going into details and containing more photos! 🙂

HEALTH – I am counting 3 colds so far and 1 stomach flu very recently. I hope I will be less affected by the ongoing rounds of various infections next year! I am still awaiting a letter from the health department in my kommun regarding a time at the ear-nose-throat specialist about my nose and the chronic sinusitis that makes it all the more easy for me to get sick time and time again.

WORK – At the moment I am still working as vikarie, so I am helping out whenever there is too little staff. With the autumn and winter time being full of colds and other diseases among kids, the staff also gets sick quite a lot, so I am currently working more or less full time. That is, when I am not being sick myself.
I also have applied to some open positions at the preschool and school I am working at, but have not gotten a positive answer yet. I will have a talk tomorrow though, with the headmaster and teacher of the school, so I am quite excited about how that is going to go.

LANGUAGE – after quitting with the language courses because I wouldn’t get any feedback on my language usage, I decided to focus on work instead and improve my language skills further through every day training. I am quite happy about how this has worked out for me and still feel like my Swedish is improving basically on a daily basis. I can speak fluently now and telling from the feedback that I am getting I don’t even have much of an accent. But then of course it is always dependent on the situation. When I am tired or sick I can literally feel my Swedish getting worse, while on other days when I am feeling fine it is really good. In summary I can say that I am really proud of how far I could get with my Swedish skills in only about a year.

WEATHER (yes, weather is a thing!) – It has been so incredibly cloudy all through November and most of December as well so far. I don’t mind the short timespan we get sunlight, but I do mind weeks of the eversame weather. I don’t want to see any more of those thick layers of clouds and would prefer a few more sunny days in between. We have had some snow, but a lot of it melted again in recent plus degrees and now with -10°C it is finally frosty and beautiful but icy on the ground. So yeah, some constant minus degrees and snow and sun would be nice.

MISCELLANEOUS – I am photographing a lot again and have finally started to post regularly on Instagram. I am really happy about how my photography skills are developing at the moment and I feel like I am finding my own style more and more.
My Dad is coming over for Christmas and I will pick him up in Sundsvall on Friday, which I am really excited about!
I have so much I want to do, that I sadly have to put some things on my list for the upcoming year. I don’t like new years resolutions and prefer making „right-now-resolutions“ instead (because, why wait?), but considering that there’s just about 2 weeks left before the new year starts I don’t feel capable of even starting all the things I have in mind, so New Year’s resolutions it is this year 😀

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