Before the ice finally melted I took a walk in the forest and up to Grössjön and took some last pictures at the lake while some of the ice was still on it.

The forest was finally free of snow, so I was able to walk through the woods around the lake a bit and get some different angles than I did up until now. I didn’t go far, because the sun started to set and it got cold very quickly. Especially because I had stepped in some mud on my way up to the lake and had incredibly wet and cold feet 😀

I washed my foot in a stream shortly after I got it muddy and until the sun set I didn’t feel cold with it.

I love that stream. I always stop there to listen to the water flowing by. It is a magical place and I feel so much energy when I am there. But there are a lot of holes in the ground, gaps between stones, so it is always a bit difficult to get to the stream safely. I need to be very cauteous. And it is always worth it!

I used the opportunity of being there late in the day, to take some long-exposure photos of the water flowing by. While I was busy cleaning my foot and shoe in the water and washing the mud off, Tom took my camera and tried another perspective. I marked his photos 🙂

Up at the lake it was beautiful! The light was amazing and the lake seemed to be so blue. Partially covered in ice and partially free. And I was especially happy to find those little paths in the forest.

Now the ice is completly gone from the lakes and I hope to take some photos/videos soon!

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