Recently I visited Bjursjöberget Naturreservat. It is very close to where I live and I have been there before. However it was hard to hike in the winter because of the deep snow in the forest, so I promised to myself to return when the snow has melted.

This photo I took at the end of march.

So that’s what I did. Lately the temperatures had risen quite considerably and we had some very bright and sunny days, before a drop in temperatures occured again and came with clouds and rain.

I used the rainy days to spend some time inside and just relax and as soon as it was a little warmer again I visited the naturreservat. It was still a quite cloudy and dark day, but it was exciting to be able to walk now in the forest I had so long waited to explore.

Through the forest led a little path, which was sometimes hardly visible and only the orange markings on the trees helped to stay on track. The path led around a little lake. Everything is starting to look more and more green, now that all shrubs and bushes get light again and are freed from the snow.

At the beginning of the path was a sign saying that parts of the way can be very wet and wearing rubber boots is adviced. However I must say that that is quite an understatement. Maybe the water flow is stronger at the moment because of the season, but there were parts of the way it was hard to get ahead, because they led through not over streams. Some of them were quite little and could easily be overcome with a jump, but some were quite significant and even in rubber boots I struggled to cross them.

So it was quite an adventurous trip and I enjoyed to spend more time outdoors again!

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