2 years ago today, I was sitting in a rented transporter with my Dad, driving the second half of our trip from Neuss, Germany to Östergraninge, Sweden. We had slept in a hotel in Jönköping and were driving through dense fog towards Stockholm, where the sun was breaking through the clouds, letting frost sparkle everywhere.

By the time we arrived at my new home, it was entirely dark and we were greeted by the most incredible nightsky I have ever seen and the neighbors that had sold the house to me and showed me around once more, helped us bearing everything into the house and gave me just the kindest, warmest welcome I could have hoped for in a new place.

And so much has happened since that very first evening! Different jobs, a new language, authorities in a new country, new cultural facettes that I didn’t know about Sweden before, sooo many kind people and new friendships and a new love!

Here in the North of Sweden I realize how much I love the 4 seasons of the year and all the changes that they bring. No day is like another and the light changes so quickly from bright nights of summer to the dark days of winter that it’s hard for me to grasp that this is real!

Here on the blog I have become more quiet. On most days I have neither the time nor energy to arrange different photos and write a coherent text about what I have been up to. Sometimes nothing unusual happens in quite some time and then it feels like everything happens at once. Life is so unforeseeable. Who would have thought we would experience a pandemic in 2020?

Often I post one picture on www.instagram.com/inamargret in the evening and sometimes I even write a little bit about my day. It is almost like a tiny photo diary, when there is no capacity to have bigger posts on what’s happening in my life.

I hope 2021 takes a turn for the better and leaves all of us more energy again after a challenging and draining year 2020. I will start working at a new job and hopefully, if travel restrictions are lifted and it feels safe again pandemic-wise, travel to Germany and visit friends and family.

2 Gedanken zu “2 Years in Sweden

  1. Hej Ina – schön hier Deine ausführlichen Berichte/Gedanken und die Bilder der letzten zwei Bloggeinträge zu sehen, die ich teilweise von insta gar nicht kannte! Viele von uns werden in dieser Jahresendzeit 2020 nicht ihre Lieben und Freunde sehen können… so hoffen wir auf eine positive Entwicklung im neuen Jahr.
    Önskar dig en gott nytt år, ❣️ Henry – hrjnitsche – följer dig på instagram 😍

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    1. Hej Henry!
      Danke für deine lieben Worte! 🙂
      Ich versuche bewusst auf dem Blog andere/zusätzliche Bilder zu posten, als auf Instagram, einfach auch weil der Blog ausführlicher und persönlicher ist. Leider fehlt mir für eben diese Ausführlichkeit oft die Zeit und umso mehr schätze und nutze ich es aus, wenn ich Zeit und Energie dafür habe.
      Ja, das Jahr 2020 war herausfordernd auf vielen Ebenen. Ich hoffe, dass die Herausforderungen, die 2021 für uns bereit hält, leichter zu handhaben sind und mehr Raum für kreative Projekte und Entspannung lassen!
      Alles Gute dir, komm gut ins neue Jahr! 🙂


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