After the long summer and intense autumn that we have experienced this year, the darkest time has begun. The sun goes up later and later each day and rises earlier and this continuous change has become all the more apparent after the beginning of daylight saving time.

It’s incredible to think, that there are still 2 months ahead where it gets even darker, because already it feels like there is so little light left. It is dark when I leave in the morning and pitch black when I return home.

But in the darkness also lies such a value. The value of light and the beauty of it increase at the same rate as the light fades. The coziness of candles and the beauty of countless stars, standing silently watching in the sky and the rare, breathtaking beauty of Northern lights make up for the rarity of light.

6 Gedanken zu “The darkest time

  1. I do not live in the countryside so I can never see that many stars in the sky. That’s why I always love to follow your pictures and instagram stories. It makes me feel so small and at the same time connected to the universe….
    I hope you’re having a cozy autumn ❤

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    1. Aww thank you so much!
      I share those impressions so happily with others! It’s such a motivation to go out to take beautiful pictures, because it’s so easy to take the beauty around as given instead of valuing it and actively enjoying it! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Yes!!! I relate 100%!
      On one hand it’s so cozy, on the other hand so incredibly tiring, that every year again I am surprised at how low my energies can get. Likewise in spring, every year I am surprised at how incredibly awake, strong and alive I feel and how much energy I actually can have. It’s a balance that I need and I just love how intense the seasons here in the north are and how much more intense I experience those contrasts! 🙂

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