‚Tis the season. Not christmas of course (not yet anyways), but berry season! YAY!!
Now one after another, all sorts of berries start to ripen and are just sitting in the forests, waiting to be picked. One of the earliest to be out is the cloudberry. It is typically found in swampy areas and wetlands, so exactly those places that have the most mosquitoes, black flies and horseflies – in short all the icky insects that you really want to keep away from you.

Regardless, it is a lot of fun to collect them as they look so golden and taste very sweet, almost like honey. So here are some pictures from recently when I was out with friends collecting them. Of course I will neither disclose the exact date or place. That’s the first rule of fightclub berrypicking: Never disclose your favourite spots.

I also want to add that in order to motivate myself to go out more, I have set the goal to myself to pick 1l of each berry that is commonly found. So far I’ve gotten:

0,2l cloudberries
0,8l blueberries
0l black currants (those are a bit cheaty because I have 2 thriving bushes in my garden, but hey, some of the other berries are going to be extra hard)
0l raspberries
0l lingonberries

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