Last year, I was so fascinated by the bright nights, that I often didn’t notice when it got late and I would only go to bed at around 3:00h in the morning. One night, I even spent entirely out and about, photographing lakes and fog and the beauty all around me, if you want to read that blog post you can click here.

I promised myself to not make the same mistake this year, at least not when I was working, and so I tried my best to keep an eye on the clock and go to bed at reasonable times, in order to be well rested at work. And for the most part it worked. However I had this terrible feeling of missing the best part of the days, by not being awake during the breathtakingly beautiful bright nights, with their pink skies and dancing insects.

So now, during my holiday, I have made it a habit to stay up really late and go out to take photos at night – and oh how I enjoy it! I feel so much happiness, creativity and curiousity to explore at night that is hard to put into words. I have been photographing cotton grass and lupines, mosquitoes in the air, the moon and all different kinds of lakes.

Of course not without being attacked by all kinds of blood sucking insects (namely mosquitoes and black flies). But with my time in Sweden I have also learned how to handle those situations better (it includes mostly to never stand still and keep waving them away) and I have a lot less mosquitoe bites than what I had last year after the same exposure outdoors.

I absolutely adore the time outside and the creative flow I am currently in and am so happy about being in this lucky situation, where I have the freedom to spend my time as I currently do!

2 Gedanken zu “Pink skies in bright nights

  1. Ahh having these bright nights must be incredible! I experienced them once, two years ago during a week in Finland but it’s already so long ago… But I could remember tons of mosquitoes as well ahah! Amazing photos, dear 💛


  2. Yes you are right, for me the summer nights were also he best time of the day!
    You bring the magic and nature of the northern summer nights back in my life! Thank you so much!💖


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