Recently, I spent an evening at Skeppsmalen, watching the sun turn from bright blue to orange, to pink as the sun set. The cliffs there are really beautiful and have a special meaning to me, because that is where I wanted to watch the supermoon eclipse 2 years ago, when I was in Sweden and after which I made the decision to move here. Those who have been following me a bit longer maybe remember my pictures from back then.

So with a bit of a nostalgic feeling, I returned to this very special and beautiful place and had the most wonderful evening there. The weather was flawless, there was hardly any wind, the seagulls were screaming and the smell of the ocean was in the air. As we were sitting there, looking at the beauty around us, we were watching some ships, wondering where they would go. It was so pretty that I not only photographed but also filmed a little and below you can see the video that I made of it.

And here are some of the pictures that I took:

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