The last few months went by in a rush and I haven’t exactly been active on here. So what have I been doing in the meantime?

Well mostly I have worked. As some of you may have read on instagram, I found a job as primary school teacher at a nearby school. It was set only for half a year because I am not educated as teacher, but it recently got elongated until the end of december.

I am really happy to be working there. I really enjoy teaching and I have an amazing colleague that makes working together a lot of fun and work something to look forward to every day. Generally the atmosphere at that school is really good and I am happy to have so many kind and competent people around me to work with.

But also aside from work a lot of things have been happening. I took a little dancing class in January and Febuary to learn the basics of a very popular dance in Sweden called „Bugg“.

I helped out giving drinks and snacks to contestants in the ski run „Järnforan“ that was revived this year for the first time in many years and is a competition starting in my tiny village.

I made my first syrup from the back currant I have harvested in my garden last year.

I made a little roadtrip and visited some friends here in Sweden.

I was at the gymnastics in the village every week until the Covid-19 pandemic started.

My oldest and closest friend, came to visit me in Sweden and stayed much longer than planned due to the ongoing pandemic.

I improved my photography skills, especially when it comes to portraits and macro/bokeh.

I have been hiking and outside for walks quite a bit.

And I have been very actively trying to do gardening with some improvements this year compared to last year.


If I were to think a bit longer, I would probably be able to add to this list, but this is just a little insight into what I have been up to – while still also working full-time. I think it becomes clear why I haven’t been so active on here in the meantime, but now my summer holidays have started and even though I (as usual) have a lot of plans, I hope I will also have a little more time to be active on this blog and keep it more up to date.

Something that I usually do is post a picture on Instagram everyday. So even if I am quiet here, daily or at least weekly updates will be on there 🙂

Hope to see you soon! – Ina

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