Knowing, that my cat Pixie would be in good hands with my neighbor, I got on my way to Östersund a friday afternoon in January to meet my friend Michelle. I started my drive at around sunset and was greeted by some very intense polar stratospheric clouds right at the beginning of my drive. Shortly after, I got into a snowstorm and then soon before I arrived in Östersund I saw the last bit of daylight appearing behind fast moving clouds. Needless to say, it was a very scenic drive.

After my arrival in Östersund, Michelle and I met at the cinema to watch Frozen 2. And neither of us was disappointed. I found that the movie was beautifully created and I especially loved the color schemes in the different scenes and environments.
One song made me laugh until I cried, because it was such a stereotypical cheesy love song and I just couldn’t hold myself 😀 I am so looking forward to watching this movie again when it is available on streaming networks!

After that we went to the cabin and had a cozy evening there, watching the stars and listening to the wind slowly getting stronger and stronger outside.

We chatted a lot and it was so nice finally meeting in person again after all this time of texting. With this eventful day coming to an end, we went to sleep, heads full with ideas for the next days.

On saturday we were greeted by a very colorful sunrise with the most beautiful shades of orange, peach and pink.

We then decided to first go outside to take some photos together and then Loppis-shopping in Östersund. We had a blast photographing parallel in the forest, each of us with our own ideas in mind. We were singing, still mesmerized by all the wonderful music and mysticity we saw in the frozen movie the day before.

Then we also took some photos together.

After that we went off to Östersund to check out some Loppis, but we took so much time at the first one that we didn’t get to check out any other. However I found a crazy amount of beautiful things. A white dress, white blouse, grey jacket and a brown knitted jacket, in which I since then basically have lived because it’s so cozy!

In the evening we wanted to make a fire somewhere and stick-bread to it, but the weather turned quite stormy outside, with a mix of snow and rain, and since neither of us were really hungry for dinner, we changed plans and decided to have a cozy evening inside instead.

On the next day, we had a cozy morning with breakfast and a little walk outside, then we packed our things and prepared to leave. We had lunch together inside of Östersund and then went different ways back to our homes. Hearts full of inspiration, friendship and happiness and of course „Vorfreude“ to our next meet-up (meaning we are already looking forward to that!) 😉

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