In January, I planned to meet a friend of mine in Östersund.

Michelle and I have met over the internet, but met in person for the first time, when we both were still living in Germany.

We have had quite a regular contact in the last few months and I really value the friendship that has grown between us. With mutual understanding and acceptance of who and how we are as individuals. So we decided to have another meet-up, now in Sweden, where we would spend a weekend together in Östersund.

Together we looked at possible accommodations and decided for a little cabin right outside of Östersund. Beautifully located somewhere in the forest, while still in short reach of the city to go Loppis-shopping or see a movie together.

But shortly before the trip, my cat Pixie got sick. She seemed fine and didn’t show any symptoms, but I found blood after she went to the toilet, which she also started to do unusually often, so I got worried enough to book an appointment with the local vet to see what’s wrong.

They found that she had inflammation in her urinary tract, with unknown cause. However this can be caused in cats by stress, when the living environment or daily life changes. After having thought about it for some time now, I am starting to think that it probably is caused by me starting to work full time and not being able to spend as much time with her as before.

But on that weekend it was unclear and for several days it was unclear if I could go on the trip to Östersund.

Thankfully though I have the kindest neighbor, who not only offered to take care of Pixie and even give her the medication that the vet prescribed. But who also was so kind to calm me down and reassure me that all would be fine with Pixie, so that I eventually decided to go on the trip.

While I was away she sent me texts regularly to assure me all was well with Pixie and I am eternally grateful for how she cared for Pixie and her wellbeing and was so incredibly kind to send me reassuring texts as well!

And about the weekend in Östersund, I will write in my next post! 🙂

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