In January I was finally able to use my new camera and of course used the first opportunity to go out exploring with it. I took one of my favourite forest roads, but took a turn that I never had taken before and ended up in the most beautiful area, at a lake right by the road with this really sweet little island on it.

I also went out behind my house on the first day that I came home with the light of the sunset still shining and just enjoyed the atmosphere in the forest.

Many days though I couldn’t go outside, because the roads were just too icy too walk on or it was really dark when I came home and I was too tired to go out regardless. So instead I practised taking pictures inside and getting creative with that.

At the moment I am so happy about how much I develop my photography skills and how I get more creative every time and get closer to a consistent style in my photos, that I am happy with on the long run.

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