Most of this winter was a living hell regarding weather. The last few months of 2019 were incredibly dark and grey with hardly any clear sky at all. This additional to the very little amount of light hours everyday made the darkness hard to bear. Not even my beloved stars were visible on most days, so nothing could really make up for the darkness.

Of course, I used every opportunity I could get to take pictures of the stars and moon and took so many pictures at once then.

Now after New Year, the weather took a turn for the better. We still didn’t get super cold temperatures or a lot of snow, but at least some clear skies from time to time and the most amazing sunsets, often still with polar stratospheric clouds.

But the warm weather also had the effect of turning any driveway into a skating rink. Many times this winter it was absolutely impossible to walk on my driveway and even many of the little forest roads are too icy to walk on depending on how warm the last days have been.

It is really scary to see how little snow there is inside the forest as well and at some times there was no snow left on the forest ground at all.

I have given up hope by now that this winter will take a turn for the better and am just looking forward to the spring, when everything is melting away and all the plants and greens are awakening from their winter sleep again and we can hopefully look forward to a more „wintery“ winter then again 🙂

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