I have been so quiet on here lately and that for good reasons: as of the beginning of January I started to work full-time as a primary school teacher.

My job is limited until the summer, but until then I am working at a school in a village close to mine, which fills up my schedule quite well.

I am so happy about the job and really enjoy teaching and getting to know the children to help them in their individual development and learning process. It is so fascinating to see how they all are learning so much every day and also how the Swedish school system works.

On the other hand of course this leaves me with even less time than I had before to update my blog regularly and even though I do still photograph quite a lot and I have soooo much to tell also outside of work, I just hardly ever have enough time to actually write it down and publish it on here.

The only thing that I manage to keep up with almost everyday is my instagram account, so if you don’t know that one yet feel free to check it out for more regular updates on what and how I am doing. 🙂

With all of that being said, I hope to find more time soon to show some of the pictures I have been taking lately and talk about some adventures that I was so grateful to experience! 🙂

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