The temperatures have risen and frost and snow are long gone. Instead we have been left with wet/dirty roads, incredible amounts of puddles and ice still on the lakes with a thick layer of water on it. It does offer some really cool views, especially for thos with a drone.

On one of the dark days I was out for a bit of the „bright“ hours that we have right now. I put bright in quotation marks, because at the moment such thick layers of clouds cover the sky that the days hardly ever really get bright. I was still feeling sick but already a lot better than before, but I didn’t want to challenge my luck so I didn’t stay out too long.

There was still quite a bit of half-thawed snow on the ice, so it looked very cloudy and couldn’t be seen properly, so I decided to return another day!

In the evening, the sky cleared up and I got free view on the starry sky again! The first time in what feels like an eternity!!

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