The day after my last post, I didn’t work. I went out with my car and camera and drone and explored different places with the goal of just taking in the beauty of the frost everywhere and if possible also capture it on photographs.

In the morning, there was still fog above the trees in some places. I just followed the main road and then took random turns on forest roads and followed them until their end.

The first road led me quite quickly to a turning point, where I stopped my car, took some photos and flew with the drone. As it was really cold, soon I couldn’t feel much of my fingers anymore and after roughly 10 minutes I decided to land my drone and jump back into the car to warm up. There I noticed, that the drone had frost on it…

After I had warmed up both my drone and myself in the car, I continued back to the main road. On the way there the sun rose and I just had to stop to take some photos!

I then went back to the main road and off to the next sideroad into another forest area, where it was also incredibly beautiful!

Everything was sparkling and I just couldn’t get enough of how frosty and white everything was! Since the quality of the road was not especially good and I was afraid to get stuck somewhere with my car, I considered for a while if I should turn the car and head back to the main road, but then I was so enchanted by the beauty around, that I decided to continue further into the forest. The road then took quite a steep turn to the left and up the hill and then I found myself in an even brighter area, with even more frost and even more light. It was incredible!

After I had taken in the incredible atmosphere up on the hill, I decided to turn the car and head back to the main road and head home, because I had some more placed on the way I wanted to stay at. And then I saw the view, that had been in my back on the way up!

I can’t find words for this. After I finally continued, the next stop I took at the little creek, that I always see on my way to Jämtland!

Then I continued my way homewards to a little lake I always see from the road, but have never stopped at until now.

It was entirely frozen already, but I hesitated to step on the ice. I will wait a bit longer to make sure the ice is thicker and then explore the lake a bit more! Then I continued to the big lake here called Graningesjön. I stopped in Böle and finally took photos from a place that I always see when I drive home, but have never stopped at (yet).

Because of its size, the lake takes much longer to give up the heat it collected during the summer and freeze. So it had all this fog dancing from its surface, giving heat up into the air, creating a magical atmosphere.

After all of those stops, I was entirely frozen and went home to take a hot shower and drink some tea, have breakfast (yes I skipped breakfast in the morning) and warm up, before driving out again, this time to lake Grössjön!

Again the views were absolutely fantastic and magical. The lake had already frozen, but the ice was noticeably thin and probably would have broken under me, so I didn’t dare to walk on it further than one step from the shore. The surrounding forest was absolutely gorgeous as well.

I also stopped at „Lil grössjön“ which is a smaller lake right next to it. It was already entirely frozen as well and the ice was so thick that I could safely walk on it. I tried to break it, but no matter how much I jumped, not the slightest crack formed.

I saw a tree, that was covered in beard moss and all of it was frozen white. It looked absolutely amazing!

I couldn’t get enough of the fading sunlight and the glittering frost in the forest!

Finally I saw the most amazing view when driving back home the second and last time on that day.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them and get even a little glimpse of the beauty that was everywhere on that day.

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