Pixie got spayed last week and at the moment she is recovering really well. On the day she got spayed itself, she was very tired at first and in the afternoon very playful/almost aggressive, but from the second day on she was her usual self. Both regarding her character and her energy level.

The last photo of her before she got the procedure done

Before she got the operation I was super nervous, probably more nervous than Pixie herself, because I was so worried about her not feeling well. But since then she has been nothing but amazing.

Pixie being really tired on the operation day

I bought her a post-operation-body so that she slipped wearing a „cone of shame“ but of course have a cone home as well, in case she would be able to get out of the body.

But all of my worries were unnecessary. After a few first wobbly minutes in the body (which took her a bit to get used to) she doesn’t even try to take it off and instead goes on with her life like it’s no big deal.

The only thing that is very obviously bothering her is that she can’t go out for 10 days. She managed more than half of it already, but everyday when I go to work she tries to sneak out with me and when I come home she already waits with her nose at the door to jump out if she gets the chance. (But so far I have always been faster!).

I will be so happy when we can finally take her body off and let her go out again and I am sure she will be as well. 🙂

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