At the moment we are stuck in between seasons.
It is not quite winter yet, but not autumn anymore either. The trees have lost all of their leaves after a few windy nights and the days have become incredibly short. At the moment the sun is only up between around 7:30h and 15:30h, so just about 8 hours and there is still almost one and a half months left until the darkest day.

Even though it is tough to feel everyday become shorter than the last, I enjoy the darkness and the long nights. Recently we had quite strong northern lights, which I wrote about in my last post and generally it is so beautiful to see all those stars in the sky, the morningfrost and sometimes fog.

The lakes have started to have a thin layer of ice on them and I am so excited for winter to come. Even though it feels weird to be between the seasons, I also look forward to winter so much. I feel this excitement for what’s to come in me. The brightness and quietness that the snow will bring. Cozy evenings by the fire while it’s incredibly cold outside. Setting the alarm clock one hour early to shovel snow before going to work. Taking walks through the snowy forest and breathing the fresh air.

This in between time is a gift. It allows me to truly be ready for the next season to arrive and enjoy it to the fullest once it is here! 🙂

Down below are some pictures I took at Abborrsjön. As you can see, the lake has started to freeze over. In the mornings there is more ice and party of it melt again during the days, just to freeze over again at night.

It was really beautiful standing there quietly by the lake and enjoying the view and the time outside!

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