Finally finally finally I got lucky!
I got to see the aurora borealis „dancing“ over the sky. Bright and clear without and clouds in the way and I even got lucky that the moon is currently not shining at night and there was only starlight in the sky.

It was amazing and I will never forget this night! I always use an app to know when there is a chance for northern lights and I knew that around that time there would be quite a high chance – if the sky was clear.

So I went outside with my camera and waited. I turned off all the lights in the house to have as little light around me as possible and my eyes got adjusted to the darkness quite quickly. I set up my camera and kept an eye on the sky, but as usually I could see hardly anything more than a very dim „lightfog“ in the sky. No distinct colors or shapes though.

I was a little bit disappointed and tried to focus on other motives instead.

Then I noticed how there was a brighter light at the horizon and suddenly for only a very short time, I could actually see sharp figures in the sky.

Do you notice the big dipper right in the middle of the sky? It’s probably the most famous and distinguishable star alignment 😀

I was hooked and couldn’t wait to see more. It was so beautiful when the light is drawing strings on the sky and lighting it up. They reminded me so strongly on the movie „brother bear“ which is a really beautiful movie for kids, where northern lights also hold the spirits of ancestors. I like that thought, it really does the magic justice, that those lights emit. After that they just got stronger and stronger.

That purple band was the strongest light that I saw for that night. It looked really interesting to see those blue-ish colored lights (they look much greener through the camera than they looked in real life) with a pink/purple band under it. After that passed (which sadly went incredibly fast!), I saw stripes on the sky that stayed for quite a while.

After that the lights got weaker and weaker again. As it was getting cold, I set my camera up for a timelapse, so that I wouldn’t keep pressing different buttons and instead could keep my hands in my pockets and focus entirely on watching the sky and enjoying the lightshow. But whenever the lights got brighter again, I couldn’t resist and canceled the timelapse to take photos instead. In the end, I started the camera and decided to go inside and watch from my living room window instead, as to not keep stopping the timelapses.
When I went back outside after the timelapse was done, I noticed that the camera had frozen over. Luckily it did not take any damage and instead left me with a hilarious video of the nightsky getting more and more blurry as the lens got covered in frost!

After that I warmed up the camera to remove the frost and moisture from it and then tried again. This time I controlled it after 20 and 30 minutes, but it didn’t have any frost, so I let it run all the way and then set it up again for a whole hour the second time. The timelapses I took first for 45 and then as I said 60 minutes, but because of the long exposure time needed to make bright videos at night they turned out really short. I hope you enjoy the views anyways! 🙂

I can’t wait to see them the next time! In the app hat I am using I saw, that there is going to be a solar storm coming to earth again around the 20th of November and I am hoping so much for clear skies so that I can see the northern lights again!

8 Gedanken zu “Aurora Borealis

    1. Vielen Dank! 😀
      Ich find es so schade, dass er durch die langen Belichtungszeiten so schnell vorbei ist, da geht soo viel verloren… Das möchte ich irgendwann noch schöner und runder hinbekommen 🙂


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