One time, I was out and about in the forest, taking pictures of frosty leaves on a foggy day, when I found some mushrooms.

Now the mushrooms that I found looked like this:

Now I have never been mushroom picking before and basically only know not to eat any mushroom you can’t identify and the only mushrooms I can safely identify are the red ones with white spots and I know that they are poisonous!
But still those that I found somehow looked familiar to me, so I decided to take some and ask around if anyone could tell me what thy were and if they were edible.

Pretty soon I had the name trattkantarell in the back of my mind and I decided to google a bit as well as asking around some more.

My neighbors reacted super kindly and agreed to help me safely identify the mushrooms that I found later in the week and so we went mushroom picking together! 🙂
They even borrowed me equipment, so a basket and a knife ith a brush on it. It turned out to actually be trattkantareller, which are very popular edible mushrooms and we found so much of them!

Mats was so kind and gave me his basket of mushrooms as well and I was overly happy!!! 🙂
By now of course I have gone and bought a knife for myself and went out some more, but haven’t found as many mushrooms as when we were out the first time. At the moment I am looking for new places to find more mushrooms, but lately it was a bit difficult with either the weather or work and daylight. The days are getting really short now so on working days it’s too dark for me to search for mushrooms. I am very glad about the ones that I found already though and am already excited for next year, where I will start picking mushrooms much earlier! 🙂

2 Gedanken zu “Picking mushrooms

    1. Hey Ian! Thanks for your comment, I am doing fine, how about you? 🙂
      You can see the knife I borrowed from my neighbor lying in the right side of the basket. It has a round. movable blade and a brush on the other end. The one I bought looks quite similar, here is a picture I found from google, from a knife that looks very similar 🙂


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