It was quiet again here for a while. I was sick. Like really sick.

As some of you may know, I struggle a bit with health regarding my sinuses. I have always had trouble with ear/nose/throat infections since I was a child and I even had an operation done 2012 to straighten the middle part of my nose to decrease the risk of infection and give me the ability to breathe freely through my nose (yay). During that operation they noticed that my sinuses also needed some adjustments to work properly and they fixed that as well, and after that it was fine for a while, but during the last year of living in Germany, I have been sick a lot again and struggled quite a bit.

In the end it lead to me getting new scans of my sinuses done, which showed that they were chronically infected (again) and since the cortison nosespray I had taken for that year didn’t appear to help, another operation needed to be done to free space in my sinuses again.

However the information that I needed another operation came 3 weeks before moving to Sweden, so needless to say I simply didn’t have the time to get it done before that. I am sure somehow there would have been a way to do it, but neither did I want to miss my last few days at work, nor did I want to miss the last holidays I would have close to my family. So I decided to get the operation done after moving to Sweden.

Since then, I hardly struggled with my health and had so many other things to do like getting the personal number, registrating me at all places, my travel to the ambassy in Stockholm to get my passport, searching for a job and learning the language, that getting this operation moved way back on my list of priorities.

Until now.

In the end of september, I got a cold. Nothing super nice of course, but it started on a friday, so I thought I could just sit it out over the weekend. Sadly it led to me missing an outdoor course that I had looked forward to very much! I also took monday off work, because I felt like I needed one more day to make sure I’m back to my usual self. And I almost was. Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to work again, but Wednesday after work I felt much worse again and after that it just got worse each following day. The cold turned into a sinusitis and even though I didn’t have a fever, I felt so bad that I could not leave the bed. I was in a lot of pain at the time, I could feel the pressure in my sinuses so much and it got to a point where I got toothache and pain in my eye from it. That was the point where I sought medical help.

I went to the doctor, who prescribed me antibiotics, but recommended to wait a few more days to see if I might feel better without them as well. I actually did and didn’t end up needing them, but it took me basically until this week to finally be able to say I feel good again. So I was sick for almost a whole month of which I spent more than a week just lying down either in my bed or on the couch, unable to do more than that.

When I was speaking to the doctor, of course I told him about my medical history in this regard and he marked it in my file that I require a longterm solution as well. So I am on a waiting list now and might then finally get help regarding that as well.

Until then I am trying to stay healthy and well and go on like I did until now.

I hope you all are feeling well and got through autumn without getting sick! 🙂

2 Gedanken zu “Healthy again

  1. Ina – ich wünsche Dir alles Gute und einen baldigen OP Termin! Es ist eine große Lebens-Beeinträchtigung mit solchen chronischen Erkrankungen. Weiß ich von meinen chronischen Blasenentzündungen, die ich auch manchmal verschleppte, wegen beruflicher Sachen.
    Gute und hoffentlich langfristige Besserung, Gruß Henry

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Vielen Dank!
      Ja, eigentlich sollte Gesundheit immer die oberste Priorität haben, aber dann gibt es ja doch noch dies und das was trotzdem gemacht werden muss… Und auf der Arbeit will man ja auch nicht zu lange fehlen…
      Ich danke dir und wünsche dir Gesundheit! 🙂


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