Back in Sweden, I was stressed from the visit to Germany. Even though it had been fun to meet everyone, I wasn’t used to the hectic and rush anymore, that automatically comes with so many people in one place. That stressed me additionally to not being able to meet all of the wonderful people I would have loved to see again or spending as much time with some of which I did meet.

Back home we had my lovely friend Maria with us, as I have mentioned in an earlier post. Simultaneously the september hunt began for Tom and on september 1st we got Pixie.

One of the first pictures I took of her. She has already grown so much!

This was of course all very exciting and awesome, but also a bit much all at once and it took me a while since then to not feel so stressed anymore.
Nevertheless Maria and I had some wonderful times together and I want to share some of what we did!

We joined Tom for the hunt 2 times, which meant getting up inhumanely early! But of course early mornings also offer some of the most beautiful views!

We went to Dödafallet, a waterfall that has been empty for a few hundret years now, after the building of another waterway failed and led to the emptying of an entire lake!

Around Dödafallet leads a beautiful hiking path, which we followed and we found some really beautiful mushrooms and views along the way!

We went to Västanåfallet and walked the little path around the waterfall there! And again, the first little signs of autumn were undeniably to find.

And then of course we also visited Skuleskogen nationalpark. I am often taking the south entry to the park, because it is the one leading to Slattdalsskrevan, which offers an amazing view. But I have heard that the other parts are also really beautiful and I really want to try the west entry as well, as I haven’t seen that one yet!

When we hiked through Skuleskogen, we were running late and I was getting afraid we wouldn’t make it back to the car before darkness falls. This totally scares me, because we didn’t have a flashlight with us and I really didn’t want to end up in this huge forest in the dark with tired feet far from home. And partially without cellphone reception. So we hurried a bit on the last bit and made it back to the car before sunset. On our way back, we stopped at one of my favourite lakes – Abborrsjön – because the sky looked so beautiful and we wanted to get a relatively free view on the colors of the sky!

We also went fishing a few times, but due to bad weather we spent a lot of days at home, relaxing on the couch, watching movies and cuddling with Pixie! We totally had a thing for Psychothrillers after watching „Gone Girl“ and saw probably every movie of that genre Netflix had to offer 😀 We had a blast and I am really sad that Maria couldn’t stay longer. We accompanied her to the trainstation in Sundsvall and said goodbye to her after 2 wonderful weeks. All of us – Tom, Pixie and I – miss her and hope she will visit us soon again! ❤

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