As some of you may already have heard, I recently got a cat.

I got her right on the day we came back from our journey to Germany and it has been pure joy so far!

She is my first cat ever. I have always wanted one and always loved cats, but in the past it was never possible for me to get a cat, both because of the apartmentsize I lived in and also because of university and private life, which led me to leave home regularly for a couple of days at a time. Of course that is not at all acceptable with a cat at home.

But now all of that is different. I live close to the forest, so she has the possibility to go outside and explore and I am only away from home for a few hours at a time when I work.

Her character is amazing. She is the best cat I could have hoped for as a first time cat owner. She is very social, loving and cuddly. She needs and asks for a lot of love and attention. The first few days, she very actively bonded and followed me whenever I left the room or got up. After a bit more than a week she started to become more playful, chasing things and running around and that was about the time I let her go out the first time. She was used to being out in her old home, that’s why I didn’t wait long to let her out again. She was with me, when I rearranged the shed and built up shelves in it and again hardly left my side.

By now we have been outside together more often, at the beginning she only went outside when someone accompanied her, but by now she has started to like going out by herself and exploring for up to 2 hours at a time before coming back.

With a lot of worry I have noticed that she not only goes into the forest, but also explores the street, running alongside and even over it.

Some neighbors have suggested to keep her on a line so that she can’t run on the street, but I don’t want to limit her movement when she wants to go into the forest. When she was out with me, she was jumping and running, sneaking and exploring with such joy! And she would not be able to do that on a line. One time she even jumped on a tree (I would say she climbed, but she was so incredibly fast, climbing does this no justice) and hardly came back down again without me encouraging her.

I feel like she is growing everyday. She becomes more corageous, more daring, faster and much less clumsy than she was in the beginning. It is amazing to watch her develop into this wonderful pet. I am looking forward to see much more of her and how she develops even further.

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