Since most berries ripened while I was gone and have already been picked, I didn’t pick a lot of berries after coming home. But I spent one day before travelling to Germany by a lake, photographing and picking some blueberries there.

I was asked a lot if there was a lot of blueberries this year, but honestly I don’t know. It didn’t feel like it was especially little berries, but it didn’t feel like a lot either. In the pictures of course I mainly photographed those bushes, that were full with berries, but I only found a few of those. Most bushes only had 3-5 berries in total, so it was a lot of running around when I was picking them.

I love this lake. It has this beautiful long dock that reaches far into the lake and it is such a wonderful feeling to just be there, take photos and enjoy the silence all around.

Look how long the dock reaches into the lake!

By the lake there are even some cute huts and a fireplace, so I find it to be the perfect place to spend an evening with a campfire.

When Tom and I were there it was quite windy and cloudy, so we didn’t stay too long as we started to feel cold. After all it was still only the beginning of August and one would assume that it would be 20°C or warmer, but sadly it was only like 15°C and with the upcoming wind it felt even colder… What a summer!

On our way back (the road is really rocky and has a lot of holes in it) one of Tom’s tires exploded. Luckily we had been there with 2 cars, as we met there spontaneously after work and had each come from another direction. So we called the car towing service and could then go home with my car. The whole week then we waited to hear from the reparation center about when new tires would arrive, so that added a bit of stress to us, but in the end we managed 🙂

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