After our visit in Germany, we took the way back on 2 days. We started driving in the evening of the 29th August, drove through the night, stayed with Tom’s family on the 30th and drove the rest of the way on the 31st.

We had a wonderful time in Kumla, it was a supernice evening with tacos that contained lots of self grown veggies, a round of Kubb (I prefer to call it viking chess like in German, because I think that name sounds way more badass and also fits much better in Scandinavia) and later when it got too dark a round of poker with monopoly money 😀

The next day when we arrived home, it felt so good to be finally back to my house, the garden and just here in the north with all the beautiful nature. In the evening there was a forecast for northern lights, but first the sky was quite cloudy, so they were not easy to spot.

Then later I went to bed, but was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. Finally I saw what looked like a faint stripe of light in the sky, so I decided to go out again. And really, there were northern lights. Much fainter than they look in the pictures, more like a fog of light at the sky, without color and hardly distinguishable from the night, but they were getting a bit clearer and so I could not only see them on the horizon, but also above me as they moved.

Later I could even see bits of them, like echoes, shine right over me and I tried to capture it. It hardly looks like it did in reality, it just looks like a weirdly discolored starry sky, but have a look for yourself:

Please keep in mind, that in reality they did not look green to me and they were much fainter than they seem on the pictures. I could hardly distinguish them from fog and the dark edges on the bottom of them looked like clouds to me in real life.

Still it was magical and I am so happy that I got to see them (even though I was super tired the next day, because I stayed up waaaay too long to admire them).

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