Again a pause in posts. And I start again with a blogpost a little different than usually.

As I had mentioned in an earlier blogpost I spent the two last weeks of August in Germany. Right after we returned the moose hunt started, we got a kitten and we were in the lucky company of my wonderful friend Maria. So a lot of things have been going on that kept me from blogging. But back to the start – my journey to Germany.

I wanted to visit family and friends, show Tom around a little and give him the opportunity to meet a lot of people that meet a lot to me and be in Neuss at the time of the Schützenfest when the whole town is going crazy!

I had looked forward to going to Germany for some weeks and was really excited about it, but right before we left Sweden for the vacation I noticed all the berries began to ripen and we wouldn’t come back until most of them were overripened. That made me a bit sad, that and also the first foggy mornings and the first signs of the coming autumn that I would miss. The first nights that would (even if only for a few minutes) get entirely dark again and maybe even the first northern lights? But of course I was still excited to meet so many loved and loving people again in person and spend some time at the place where I grew up and spent most of my life.

However when we arrived it felt weird to be back… Strangely enough I didn’t feel entirely like I belonged there anymore. Of course, even before I moved I felt like I belonged to Sweden more than to Germany (which was probably what led to me not seing moving to a new country as such a big deal and led me to underestimate the move by quite a bit), but now being back it felt even stranger to me. As early as on the first day back in the country I felt overwhelmed by the amount of cars on the roads and people around everyhwere.

Home with my parents it was nice. We were welcomed with so much love and happiness, it was just wonderful. A lot of the nights we spent with my parents. Talking, looking at childhood photos and playing games.

Other nights and during many days we met friends or were out in Neuss or Düsseldorf. Sadly I didn’t have time to do all the things that I would have liked to do and meet everyone I really would have liked to meet. But there is only so much you can do in 2 weeks time. And even though it was quite stressful and we still didn’t manage to do everything, it felt like an awfully long time to be away from home.

So now we are back home and I have the time and space to think about all the wonderful things that we did and until our next trip I can work out a better plan how to manage everything without stressing it.

Here are some of the things that we did with photos:

Above pictures from one evening in Düsseldorf with Maria.

Below impressions of the Schützenfest and fair in Neuss.

And then there was this time we went hiking with Robin:

My dad loves dragonflies so of course I took a photo when this one was posing in our garden 🙂

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