As I wrote before, here in Norrland this summer was especially cold. However we had a few especially warm days in July, where it was over 30°C for a few days in a row. My outside thermometer even measured above 40°C but of course that was in the sun on a day without any wind.

Of course we couldn’t miss this opportunity to go swimming in some lakes. One time we took the boat Eva and Kent allowed us to use, went out on Grössjön with it and went swimming right from the boat. At the time another friend of Tom was also here with us for a spontaneous visit and it was all in all a beautiful day and evening!

The evening colors on that day were especially beautiful as well!

Tom and I had so much fun, we decided to go on the boat the next day as well. On that day sadly the water was not as quiet and there was some wind, so we didn’t go swimming from the boat, but we enjoyed the time out on the lake and the breeze was also very refreshing.

Sadly, summer is almost over now. And even though there can be some warm weather late in the summer, it is quite unlikely that it will be warm enough to bathe in a lake before it becomes winter again. Already now the first twigs are turning their leaves yellow and there is a lot of fogs in the morning – even the darkness of the nights is returning. It feels like autumn is getting closer and closer. I am a bit sad, that this year’s summer was so cold, because it feels like it is over before it even started, but at the same time I really look forward to autumn, the magical fog, the colors of the leaves and everything that comes with it. When the nigths return, so do the stars and moon and chances for northern lights. So I am looking forward to the changes and glad about this wonderful time I got to spend in Sweden so far! 🙂

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