This summer has been my first summer in Sweden. As every season this year has been my first living in a different country. Stating the obvious, I know.

Truth is, I don’t know where to start. I have been working a lot during the summer and enjoyed every day of it, but also outside of work a lot of things have changed and evolved. I found new friends, made some plans, was out berry picking, and took care of things that needed to be fixed (most importantly my car).

I haven’t been out as much as I wanted to, which was partially due to work, partially due to the cold weather (yeah, I know, I live in Norrland now, but this summer has really been especially cold), partially due to my fear to meet a (hungry?!) bear in the forest and partially because I was too comfortable with a tea and a movie with Tom to leave the house and go outside. So then when I was out, I didn’t take as much pictures, edited even less and in the end didn’t upload/blog at all. Those of you, who follow me on instagram, might have noticed how quiet I have been there as well and it has been for the same reasons.

Now the summer is almost over and with it the time in which I worked full time. From now on I again only work on request as a vikarie, which will give me more time to do other stuff. I will travel to Germany soon and while I am there my next language course starts, which is not as dramatic as it sounds since it’s a distance learning course. From Germany my dear friend Maria will join Tom and me up north again and stay with us a bit, exactly during the hunting season. An exciting time lies ahead and I hope I will have more time to update this blog again.

In the next few posts I am planning to write more detailed about my summer, what I did and how it has been along with photos and hopefully some videos too! I have started to record some more video footage as well again and hope to find time to edit it into videos soon! 🙂

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