As I wrote earlier, I bought a greenhouse. I found it rather cheap on blocket, which is a site to buy used stuff. It is not used but was still in its carton, so I could build it up myself. It basically consists of metal rods and a plastic sheet that is pulled over it and held fast in the ground by herings.

Inside I put some boxes with plants. 2 deep ones for bigger plants like cucumber, pumpkin, carrots and beans and 2 not so deep ones for plants that I assume mainly grow on top pf the earth and don’t need such deep layers for their roots, like different sallads, some spices like dill and wild strawberries.

Directly on the first day that I put the plants outside, it was super hot, so some of the leaves turned white and I took them away from my cucumber. On another night it started to freeze, so I took all the plants inside and was very happy that I hadn’t planted them into the boxes yet at the time.
Now I just let them grow and wait and see what happens. But I also have plants outside the greenhouse. I have some berry bushes, some flowers and an apple tree.

I am really excited to see how all of this develops, if I can manage to keep the plants alive and if I will get anything to harvest in the summer and autumn.

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