Last year when I was in this area of Sweden in the summer, I had a little stop at a lake. and ever since moving here I was very curious to visit that lake again, because it is not very far from my home.

It would have been super interesting to see it in the winter, however my car has only 2 wheel drive and the little road to the lake is probably not plowed. So I was too afraid to get stuck in the snow to my car to drive to that lake and instead waited for the snow to melt and better weather to come. And now I had a very different view on it, as Tom and I visited the lake in the late evening hours.

There was quite a bit of mosquitoes and I got a few bites. I made some efforts to get rid of the mosquitoes and try to hit them, but it was not an easy task 😀
I liked balancing on the big rocks in the water, looking into the calmness and quiet of the upcoming night. I really like this lake and will definitely come back to it more often!

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