I have not been so active lately, because I was sick… After many beautiful days and nights in May, with lots of sunlight and blue skies, some rainy days came.

I know it might sound strange, but I was very happy about the rain. After all water brings life and fertility to the land and plants and without it everything dries out and dies. Last year, when we had this awful drought in the summer, I realized for the first time how powerless we are if it stops raining and how soon water an food become very spare and expensive resources. We need to value both more in our daily life! When it didn’t rain in Germany between May and November, I started realizing, that I would much rather have non-stop clouds and rain for half a year, than only sun and heat for the same time. But of course what we really need to live is a balance between sunlight and warmth and rain.

So happy as I was about the rain, of course I wanted to go out. Smell the fresh smell of the forest, see how everything just took in the water and flourished in this fertile environment.

One time when Tom and I went out into the forest, we found a tree that was completely free of its bark. We wondered what kind of animal it was and I took some photos of it. I just hoped it wasn’t a bear, but we didn’t see any clear bear tracks so it was hard to tell.

No matter how cold it was, it was a wonderful day out in the forest, sometimes the sun would come out for a few moments, and then be covered again by thick rain bringing clouds.

And I chose the wrong clothing. I underestimated how windy and cold it can get in May, after all we had almost 30°C in the sun the days before and suddenly we were back to 10°C during the day and freezing temperatures at night. Of course I didn’t make thta mistake only once… I dressed too coldly on 2 days in a row, and was sick with a cold for about a week after that. It took me a bit longer to reduce my tissue consumption to a somewhat reasonable level and get my energy back. But since the last weekend I have finally felt like my usual self again. Full of energy and totally ready to do stuff! 🙂

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