For a long time I had wanted to check out a bit more of the other side of the lake Graningesjön. Everytime I drive to or from Solleftea, I come by this one place on the road, where you have an amazing view on the lake and on what seems to be an island. I checked it on GoogleMaps and the satellite images revealed that it wasn’t an island, but there is a lot of forest and a little hiking trail. Also on the satellites I could see that there seemed to be some kind of bridges going over parts of the lake, so of course I went there to check it out.

This was the first bridge, but there was a second one, leading over a little swamp.

It was a beautiful place and I want to go back and take some pictures with my drone another time!

That same day I was too tired to take many pictures. In the night I had woken up at around 3:00h from the brightness outside and when I looked out I saw such beauty outside that I just had to take some pictures of the moon. As it would have been expected at that level of tiredness the pictures didn’t turn out so well, but afterwards I was very calm and continued to sleep until the morning.

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