Not far from my home and basically on the way to Sundsvall is a waterfall. It is so close to the way, that you can already see it from the parking lot, while it is remote enough to offer an enjoyable feeling of solitude in nature and the forest.

I had been curious about it for a while but had been afraid to go there in the winter with snow everywhere and the streets to difficult for my front-wheel-drive car to manage. However now the road was free of ice and snow and seemed to me big enough to be safe to drive in the winter as well. I will surely try it next year in the winter!

This is the view from the top. Behindthe first red house is the parking lot, so it’s really not far from the road.

Now I was on the way to Sundsvall to watch a movie in the cinema with Tom, so we started the trip a little earlier and checked out the waterfall.

It is difficult to see the waterfall as a whole, as only parts of it are visible from up close, as you walk up the little path and wooden stair that are next to it. One day I will go there with my drone and try to get some shots of the whole waterfall, to make it’s magnificence visible.

If it weren’t for the set time in Sundsvall, I could have stayed for hours just watching the water flow.

Everywhere was a fine mist of waterdroplets and the air felt moist and fresh.

The next time I visit I will definitely take my drone with me and more time to explore the surroundings!

2 Gedanken zu “Västanåfallet

    1. Hej! Sorry for the late reply, I totally missed your comment! Thank you for your compliment, I am glad you like the pictures. This area is beautiful and I totally understand why you like to spend your holidays here!! 🙂


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