I am not especially talented with plants. On the contrary, if anything I am really good at killing any plant in no time at all… However I really want to learn how to keep plants alive and well. I love green and seeing new leaves growing. To me it always seems like a little miracle. So I was more than happy about the seeds I got as part of my farewell gift from my lovely colleagues at Convalesco. They have survived until today and are growing quite well.

Among the seeds were different herbs and salads.

Among the gifted seeds, I also planted pumpkins and cucumber, which are growing like crazy… However it is too cold to place them outside yet, so I need to try to keep them alive inside just a little bit longer! Meanwhile, I have had so much fun planting, that I bought some more seeds for salads, carrots and other vegetables and planted them as well.

And while the snow was gone, I took the opportunity to do some gardening outside, set up new ground and see what plants I have growing in my garden already.

I am excited to see more plants growing soon and I hope the recent snow and frost didn’t destroy too much of the plants.

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