Closeby, here in the area is a very fascinating place, called „Dödafallet“, which roughly translates to „dead falls“. It used to be a waterfall behind a lake, but through a catastrophe a few hundred years ago, the water from the whole lake emptied, leaving the lake empty and the waterfall forever quiet. You can read more about the story on wikipedia in German, Swedish or English or on the website for dödafallet, which is in Swedish.

The view from the starting point.

Of course I desperately wanted to see this place, however so far there was too much snow and no possibility of going there. Now with the snow finally melting, the street there was free of snow and the place was accessible.

It was a beautiful sunny day on which Tom and I went there and we couldn’t have hoped for better weather. Everywhere we could hear the last bits of snow melt and little streams of water flowing by. And I even saw the first flowers!

As we walked, the temperatures rose noticeably and we were glad to sit in the shadow sometimes or get a fresh breeze of wind every now and then.

It’s a bit crazy to think about that wonderful and hot spring day while sitting inside and watching more snow fall today… But I am sure spring will return in a few days and then come to stay.

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