Spring is here now and the snow has almost completely melted. It went really fast now, just a month ago we had so much snow left everywhere and only the roads were free. Now however, only very shadowy places have snow left.

Here are some photos from last week.

How beautiful it was outside with all the flowing water. Now that the snow and ice are melting little streams start appearing everywhere and you can almost always hear the lapping of a small stream somewhere among the trees.

The snow that was left, was partially surprisingly deep… While it was gone in most places and about ankle high in others, at one place I sank almost up to my hip in the snow.

Hidden under the snow were not only little streams and a lot of different plants and bushes, but also massive anthills, that now reappear with their inhabitants reawakening.

Yesterday I went for another walk and there was much less snow. However the ground was so wet, that I got stuck in the mud with my foot in the middle of the way. Photos of that will follow! 🙂

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