In the last weeks, I was sooo busy with the guests I had.
As I wrote in an earlier post, my mum came over from Germany to visit me and stay with me on my birthday and right after her came a friend from Germany for a visit! While they were here I kept working and going to the language course SFI (more on how that is going in another post), so I was busy around the clock!

But of course I was over the moon happy to be able to spend some time with my mother and later with that friend. With my mum, I went out into nature, showed her the surroundings of my house and acquaintanced her with some neighbors, so she could get to know those amazingly kind people in the village!

She was so happy to be here and of course so was I. In the evenings we videochatted with my dad and told him about the things we saw and did together. Sometimes we would also just enjoy eachother’s company and read next to eachother.

On my birthday I had a Fika with some neighbors and friends for which I baked muffins and my mother almond cake. It was wonderful sitting there, listening to everyone talk and tell stories and just have a good time. I also learned how to make coffee, even though I don’t drink it myself. Not drinking coffee is probably the biggest integration factor when moving to Sweden, so I might start with it sooner or later. My birthday however, was not the day to start with it.

The first batch of muffins decided to conspire against me and melted into one big muffin-blob. After that I turned to harder methods and used a muffin form.
This worked much better.
And of course the kitchen looked like a battlefield, like always when I cook or bake.

For my birthday, I got an insane amount of flowers! My house felt like a garden for about a week and it was wonderful to have so many colors and smells everywhere. And if the neighbors hadn’t brought me a vase as well, I would have run out of vases!

I am so glad about the wonderful time I get to spend on my birthday and was of course very sad when my mother left to go back to Germany.

My friend arrived the same day that my mother left, so I was not alone for long. We also went for walks and went fishing once, had a game night and watched a lot of TV together in the evenings.

I already look forward to seeing him again and am now excited for all the things happening here in Sweden. Especially with my progress in learning Swedish, which I will write more about in another blogpost!

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